Firearms Training

In my June 22 post, I talked about making the decision on whether or not to buy a firearm for self-defense. In it, I advised against purchasing a gun, loading it and sticking it in your night table.  Why? I can’t say it any better than author attorney and self-defense law

5 Common Sense Tips for July 4th Safety

This may be my shortest post yet, mostly because it's all been said before. But it bears repeating. Explosives and alcohol don't mix. Whether firearms or firecrackers, alcohol makes you careless. If you're drunk or buzzed but you still want to enjoy fireworks, let a "designated igniter" handle the fireworks.

How Do I find Firearms Laws by State?

As the old saying goes, "Knowledge is Power". So, after my last post about the new open carry law in Texas, I thought it might be good to provide some resources for folks who choose to carry, either concealed or open. These are books that list the firearms laws by state

Texas Open Carry

Well, we're nearly two weeks into the new year and so far, no major incidents regarding the new Open Carry Law in Texas which took effect on January 1, 2016. I thought it might be good to review the major changes to the law and address some frequently asked questions. So,