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5 Common Sense Tips for July 4th Safety

This may be my shortest post yet, mostly because it’s all been said before. But it bears repeating.

    1. Explosives and alcohol don’t mix. Fireworks_warnings_aren_t_workingWhether firearms or firecrackers, alcohol makes you careless. If you’re drunk or buzzed but you still want to enjoy fireworks, let a “designated igniter” handle the fireworks. Don’t become a July 5 news story.

  1. Keep kids away from fireworks. Same reason. Often their enthusiasm overrides their brains. Consequences
  2. Have protective devices available. That means ear protection (even if it’s a package of foam ear inserts) and a fire extinguisher.
  3. Never, never, never, never (did I repeat it enough?) fire a gun into the air! As a Firearms Instructor, two of cardinal rules of safety you will be taught are: (A) Never point your gun at something you do not intend to destroy, and (B) always be aware of what’s behind your target. Remember, What Goes Up Must Come Down, and the end result can be fatal. Again, don’t become a news story.
  4. You can have fun and not be a knucklehead. blog-firework-safety

So, have a great Independence Day, stay safe, and God Bless America!


And if you have questions or comments, I welcome them. Please leave hem below.


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