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Christmas Season Safety Tips

Are you a fan of the Wild Kingdom, National Geographic or Animal Planet TV shows? What?

Frank, what does this have to do with Christmas Holiday safety tips?

Actually, everything. If you watch any of those shows, you will see predators stalking their prey.

predator stalking

And what you will see is that the predator is for the most part, very smart. His life depends upon it. He will watch and wait. He will stalk. Then he will pick the slowest, weakest, or most careless straggling prey in the herd, and then he’ll strike.

 Two legged predators are no different…..

That may sound heartless, but I’ve seen it in my law enforcement career, and you’ve probably seen it in he news. In my own beloved New Orleans, a tourist is relatively safe in the French Quarter during peak hours, where there are police on patrol. Most of the crime there (as in most cities) happens when people wander away from the crowds into the fringes, or at late hours when few people are out.

Think about it for a moment: if you were a robber, who would you pick as a victim: Arnold Schwarzenegger or
Sheldon Cooper?

 So What Do I Do If I’m Not Arnold?

Nothing in this world is perfect, but there are things you can do to protect yourself. First and foremost, be aware of the criminal mindset. They are in the malls and parking lots watching for the slowest, weakest, careless, straggling. In other words, the people: texting, talking on their cellphones, carrying loads of shopping bags, distracted by their kids – you get the picture.

I’ve included an excellent pdf courtesy of the Richland County (Columbia, SC) Sheriff’s Office that is very comprehensive. Put as many of these into practice as you can, and you’ll be helping yourself and your loved ones. Just open the Personal Safety Page and click on it to open and print.

And I welcome your comments and suggestions!

Be Safe!


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